Heavenly Designs in Earthly Patterns
By Donald L. Morse

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Jesus Christ
Crucifixion and Resurrection

Points to ponder...

Does God Exist?

  • Which book contains God's words: The Bible, The Koran, The Hindu Sacred Writings or some other source?

  • Why has the seventh-day Sabbath of the Ten Commandments been replaced by Sunday?

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  • Why are we told that Jesus was crucified on Good Friday when in fact He was crucified on a Wednesday?
  • Why are we told that Jesus rose on Easter Sunday when He actually rose on the seventh-day Sabbath?

  • Why do so many Christians, clergy and non-clergy alike, who cannot even locate the crucifixion year, so quickly and easily accept the idea of a Friday crucifixion-Sunday resurrection and reject the truth of the Wednesday crucifixion seventh-day Sabbath resurrection?

  • Heavenly Designs in Earthly Patterns was built on a painstaking, detailed study of the scriptural, historical and calendrical records. In all, it required 52 years/50,000 hours of work. Because of this careful in-depth study, Heavenly Designs in Earthly Patterns stands alone, for it is the only book that reveals the heretofore hidden Bible calendar code, a code which not only verifies God's existence with tangible evidence, but also reveals the Lord's use of this code in the following significant happenings.

  • Are you aware that the Lord's calendar code reveals His involvement in the great Alaska earthquake of 1964?

  • Did you know that the Lord was involved in the powerful Galveston hurricane of 1900, and also involved in the mighty hurricane Camille of August 1969?

  • Did you know that He was involved in several violent tornadoes that ravaged Alabama in 1932?

  • Are you aware that He was involved in Christopher Columbus' discovery of the Western Hemisphere?

  • Did you know that He was involved in the American Revolutionary War, the War of 1812, World Wars I and II and other significant wars in history?

  • Did you know that He has been and is involved in man's exploration of space?

Heavenly Designs in Earthly Patterns makes clear to the reader that significant world events do not happen by chance, but by God's involvement in them.

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