Heavenly Designs in Earthly Patterns
By Donald L. Morse

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Nearly a century ago the noted evangelist-preacher, Dr. R. A. Torrey, in his book Difficulties in the Bible (1907), made the following startling statement concerning the day of Jesus' crucifixion. book cover

There is absolutely nothing in favor of Friday crucifixion, but everything in the Scripture is perfectly harmonized by Wednesday crucifixion. It is remarkable how many prophetical and typical passages of the Old Testament are fulfilled and how many seeming discrepancies in the Gospel narratives are straightened out when we once come to understand that Jesus died on Wednesday and not on Friday.

Many are not aware that Jesus' crucifixion did not occur on Good Friday, and that Dr. Torrey was correct in supporting a Wednesday crucifixion. The recently published book, Heavenly Designs in Earthly Patterns by Donald Morse, which contains precise computer charting of significant historical events, reveals that A.D. 30 was the true year and Wednesday, April 5, the true day and date of Jesus' crucifixion.

The historical record also indicates that Jesus' resurrection occurred on Saturday, April 8, and not on Easter Sunday as is commonly taught.

It is truly remarkable how accurate computer charting in our time in history can reveal the actual year and days and dates of these happenings when we are timewise so far removed from these special events.

The book also contains additional computer charting of several major wars, significant earthquakes and other natural disasters. The computer charting of these happenings clearly settles the issue of God's existence, for the verifiable, tangible evidence which is presented in this book clearly reveals the continuing involvement of the Almighty in the significant events in the world's history.

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